Welcome to La Bottega di Giano

I was born and raised in Italy, on the divine Amalfi coast, filled with the smell of the lemon groves and the scent of the Mediterranean Sea. Since young adulthood, I have lived in the United States, fulfilling many of the dreams of my younger years, surrounded by the wide open spaces and beneath the endless blue skies of this great country.

I have enjoyed four decades of professional life as a surgeon, enhancing my patients’ wellbeing through the marriage of medical science and my innate sense of aesthetic.

I am at a new stage in my life, where I find myself allowing my passion for the figurative arts to express and grow. Just like Giano: aware of the past, looking toward the future.

I have established my studio, in the small, quaint village of Kensington, Maryland. Close enough to the center of the world, Washington DC, to draw vibrant energy from but far enough to have my life paced by the heartbeat of nature from the surrounding forest.

My creations are born out of the synthesis of my life’s past experiences with my need to believe in an eternal "ever after" . I work in the contemplative atmosphere of my glass studio, exposed to the elements, allowing natural colors, shades of light and sounds to become part of my creative mood.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to view my collection. I hope you enjoy the journey through the realm of my imagination.

Giancarlo Chiancone